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A custom login page in WordPress is one of the most effective ways to building your brand. If you want your business to...

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15+ Best Custom Login Page Plugins for WordPress - WPExplorer

A custom login page in WordPress is one of the most effective ways to building your brand. If you want your business to success, you’re going to have to work on a brand value. If you’re looking for a good read, check out Forbes’ article on the importance of building a brand.

The login page for WordPress usually looks the same on every site. Most sites will just use the unaltered wp-login.php script which has the same design. A custom login page is the first step in branding your WordPress site.

Many WordPress users might spend $50 on their themes coupled with 100s of hours of work, but only a few of them take the time to give their login page a unique look (unless you’re one of the lucky folks who purchased Total – which includes custom login page options to create your own unique page like the one in the featured image for this post). You can modify the wp-login.php script, but that requires coding skills and a substantial amount of you time.

To that effect, we’ve listed some of the best WordPress plugins that will help you build an awesome login page – within minutes.

Disclaimer: WhoClick is an affiliate for one or more products listed below. If you click a link and complete a purchase we could make a commission.

1. Loginer Custom Login Page Builder (Free)

Loginer - Custom Login Page Builder

Create your login page from scratch with Loginer. This comprehensive login page builder includes easy features and options for your login page. Choose from options password strength, colors, custom labels and placeholders, form style, error messages and more. You can even add your own CSS! Loginer also allows you to restrict plugin access according to user role and create 5 types of login pages (login, registration, profile, forgot password and reset password).

2. Login Designer (Free)

Login Designer

With Login Designer you can make quick changes to style your login page to match the theme of your website. The plugin offers simple options via the live Customizer to choose pre-set template (boxed form with background, left/right form and image, or centered form), change the background (use a color or image), select a custom font, add your logo (with or without a link) and more.

3. White Label Branding

White Label Branding

We’ve talked about this plugin before, and for good reason. White Label Branding is a powerful and easy way for you (or your clients) to customize the look of your admin and login pages. Plus the plugin comes with exclusive color skins and login templates that you can download using your license key, so you’ll have no trouble setting up your custom login screen fast.

4. LoginPress (Free)


The LoginPress plugin offers lots of login page customization options packed into one free plugin. Change just about everything including your login page colors, background, logo, form paddings and borders, buttons and more. You can also customize error and welcome massages to better suit the needs of your website. The developers also offer a pro version if you’re interested in addition options for logout menu, social login, custom widget, redirects, limit login attempts, hide login and auto login.

5. WP Admin White Label Login

WP Admin White Label Login

What a custom login page fast? Look no further! The WP Admin White Label Login plugin is premium but it comes with tons of features you’re sure to love. For example, the 25+ pre-styled login page designs to choose from. And of course you can customize them. Use options for backgrounds (color, image or video), social login, form style, custom links, logo, reCaptcha, custom fonts, and more.

6. Custom Login Page (Free)

Custom Login Page

Customizer your login page with easy live Customizer options with the Custom Login Page Customizer by Colorlib. Whew – did we say customize enough in the sentence? But really, there are options for your logo, columns, alignments, background color or image, form width, borders (and border radius), field text and colors, buttons, shadow, form links, and even custom CSS. So feel free to customize your login page to your hearts content!

7. Branda White Label & Login Page Customizer (Free)

Branda White Label & Login Page Customizer

Branda was designed to help you brand your website. And while there is lots this free plugin can do (admin area options, dashboard feeds, author box, cookie notice, favicon, maintenance more and more) it also help you customize your login page. The plugin includes a full login page builder as well as number of quick start templates. So you can add your logo, custom background, input field styles, form opacity, drop shadows, colors and defaults to fully brand your login page.

8. Loginstyle


Give your login page style with Loginstyle. The included options cover all the basics – unlimited color options, custom Google fonts, social links and icons, custom logo, and even stunning preset templates. But where other plugins might offer only a few customizable features, Loginstyle when above and beyond. There are tons of background options for colors, gradients, images, sliders, videos and even effects (like color overlays, rain, and molecules). And you can customize inputs fonts, colors backgrounds, borders and even icons. And to top it off the plugin is developer friendly to boot.

9. Custom Login Page Customizer (Free)

Custom Login Page Customizer

Need a simple solution to a simple lack of login style? Consider the Custom Login Page Customizer. There are just enough options for changing your logo, background, form styling, input fields and buttons to make the login page fit your brand without getting overwhelmed. And since the plugin utilizes the live Customizer you’re sure to get the hang of it quickly!

10. User Registration (Free)

User Registration

Drag and drop your way to a one of kind user login and registration form with the free User Registration plugin. Design your own registration form, profile page, password change, logout and more using the plugin’s builder and style customizer. There are options for colors, fonts, borders, padding and more.

11. Saraggna WordPress Login

Saraggna WordPress Login

You can create a custom login page as well as stunning login popups with Saraggna. The plugin includes 10 ready to use styles, 30+ layouts, ajax, custom backgrounds, color options, Google reCaptcha support, redirects, password strength indicator and more. Plus it’s WPML compatible for easy translations.

12. BM Custom Login (Free)

BM Custom Login

Developed by Binary Moon, BM Custom Login is a pretty old yet simple, efficient and easy-to-setup custom login page plugin for WordPress. The developer maintains a Flickr group where the plugin users share creative login pages built using this plugin (amongst other things).

13. Erident Custom Login and Dashboard (Free)

Erident Custom Login and Dashboard

This plugin comes packed with customization features that are sufficient to design your brand’s login page. The usual options include CSS options to change the background, upload a custom logo and design the form. Two unique features include the jQuery Colour Picker, changing footer text on the admin dashboard.

14. Social Login (Free)

OA Social Login

This is one of my favourite plugins. It adds the option to register in your WordPress site via 40+ social networks including LinkedIn, GitHub, PayPal, YouTube and Reddit. It places the login option on the registration page, the login page and in every comment form. Coupled with your company logo, this plugin packs a serious punch to your online branding efforts.

15. Tailored Login

ithemes Tailored Login WordPress Plugin

Tailored Login helps you to easily create a customized WordPress login page. It comes loaded with a Style Manager using which you can upload a custom background image and style various aspects of the login form. You can also add a header image from your WordPress Media Library. Tailored Login creates two widget areas in your WordPress login page, where you can place default or custom widgets. Tailored Login is available in the iThemes Plugin Suite.

16. Digits Mobile Number Signup & Login

Digits Mobile Number Signup & Login

Digits is a plugin that expands your WordPress functionality by adding mobile number signup and login features to your website. In this modern age of technology most of the users are walking away from emails to mobile and messaging apps, they even don’t even need their email and password.

With the Digits plugin there’s no need for users to remember or keep a note of long “secure” meaningless passwords. Users can simply use their mobile number and OTP to signup and login. This will also help site owners, as the conversations on their website will increase.

Digits is using Facebook’s account kit for sending OTP, so there is no additional cost to buy SMS. You just need to purchase the plugin one time and enjoy lifetime of free updates with unlimited OTP SMS.

Building a custom login page, white-labeling the admin dashboard and customizing the 404 error pages – are all part of building your brand. Social media engagement and email marketing plays a tremendous role in this, but we’re focusing on just the login page in this article.

Whether you aim to create something simple or complex, once of these plugins is sure to help. But now, over to you – what are your thoughts on a custom login page? Do you already use one? Let us know!

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