Bing SEO vs. Google SEO: What’s the Difference?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a rising strategy in digital marketing in recent years. With the development of the times, new business strategies...

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Bing SEO vs. Google SEO: What's the Difference?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a rising strategy in digital marketing in recent years. With the development of the times, new business strategies are needed while utilizing existing technology. Moreover, the shifting business style and consumer behavior that is more literate with the internet makes SEO a business strategy that is being loved by many businesses, from small to large.

SEO cannot work without search engines . Currently there are several search engines available for use, such as Google and Bing. Even though Google still controls a large portion of the search engine market , Bing can still take part of the market there. SEO from Bing and Google are also used by many businesses to attract visitors to the website in order to increase brand awareness .

But between Bing SEO vs. Google SEO, actually what are the differences between the two? Besides that, which is better to use to optimize your business? Below, the two differences between the two are discussed in depth.

Bing SEO

Bing is  Microsoft’s search engine that was launched in 2009. As a search engine made by one of the technology giants, previously Bing was not the first. Previously there was MSN Search, Windows Live Search, and finally Live Search. Finally Baidu is the choice of the last name for this search engine .

For SEO implementation within Bing itself, there are several points that are the main focus, namely:

  • Most of Bing’s popular ranking factors include – user engagement, social signals, Bing Authorship, inbound anchor text, keyword domains , content and keyword density, site code and structure , and onsite optimization . All of these points must be met properly in order to get a high ranking in Bing.
  • Webmaster Bing is advised to use targeted keywords . For better ranking on Bing, use the right keywords .
  • Meta keyword tags still provide a potential ranking increase.
  • Social signals are a key factor. Therefore, it is better for web pages to be linked to social media accounts.
  • Domain age and .gov, .edu, and .org are good things.
  • Supports Flash and crawls files
  • Treats site CTRs and external links as the most important.
  • Favoriting sites that have good UX.

Google SEO

As a search engine ruler , Google SEO remains a favorite of many businesses who want their website to be in the top rankings according to the keywords requested. In implementing SEO on Google itself, there are also points that are the main focus:

  • Use more than 200 factors for each search in ranking. Rankbrain, quality backlinks, optimized images, secured sites (HTTPS vs. HTTP), mobile-friendly websites, page loading speed, schema markup, and quality of content on websites are the most important factors.
  • Focus on the relevance of existing topics for the use of keywords .
  • Meta keywords don’t affect ranking anymore.
  • Treats social media pages like other pages on the web.
  • An update of the algorithm with significant changes which is sometimes not announced by Google itself.
  • Consider CTR and external links as the main factors.
  • Rate UX above all other factors. Every page of your website is more user-friendly , the better it ranks in Google search results.
  • Prefers sites that are updated frequently.
  • Cannot index the contents of Flash files and emphasizes the use of text-based content.

From the explanation of each point for SEO assessment between Bing and Google, you could say, Google is still the best for optimizing your website because it can’t be denied, Google users are still far more than Bing so that exposure is easier to get there.

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