Home Improvement with these Tips

After all these years, our house can look cramped and dull. This happens because some parts rot, deteriorate the condition, and lack of...

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After all these years, our house can look cramped and dull. This happens because some parts rot, deteriorate the condition, and lack of care. Often we think of doing home renovations, but the limited cost and time become the main barrier. The many other more pressing needs eventually make us neglect home renovations.

When you hear the word home renovation, do not always think that the costs to be incurred will drain the contents of savings. Conversely, there are many ways you can do to renovate a low budget house . How do you do this? Let’s just look at 8 home renovation tips that won’t drain this budget!

1. Protect and Maintain Furniture

Home Improvement

Furniture that has long been used should not be removed first, the replacement of all furniture can be a waste. The simple thing in renovating a house is to keep your furniture clean. Especially if you are a fan of wood furniture, there are several factors that must be considered, such as sunlight, temperature, and humidity.

Sunlight that is too highlighting, temperatures that are too high or low, as well as high humidity levels will make furniture made of wood deformed and porous.

The varnished upholstered furniture requires a special chemical liquid to clean it. Make sure you follow the instructions correctly so that there are no mistakes in renovating the house which causes your furniture to degrade. Before renovating a house, you can buy this liquid at the nearest furniture store.

2. Protecting the Wall During Home Renovations

Home Improvement with these Tips

Home renovation does not have to replace or change everything in the room. Home renovations intended to protect the walls alone have made it look new. Display walls are dull and blister, of course, will not look good.

The first thing you can do when renovating a house is to choose the right color for wall paint. If your wall has a lot of peeling, then painting it with white as a base for decorating the next paint is a good idea.

If the condition of your walls is still good, home renovation can be done using a kind of liquid coating. This liquid is useful so that dirt, graffiti, or spills can be cleaned easily from your walls. Home renovations are of course not only about repairing, but also beautifying.

3. Updating the Door Design

Home Improvement with these Tips

It is undeniable that the first thing we see when entering a house is the door. With this in mind, you can emphasize the renovation of the house at the entrance. If the door to your house is made of wood and has shown signs of loss, you can immediately renovate the house by adding some decoration or carvings to cover it.

If your wooden door has a poor upholstery, all you have to do is replace it. Then do maintenance and cleaning when renovating the house so that the door is more durable.

To prevent weathering back, you can renovate the house by coating your wooden door using oil-based varnish. But if your door is made of metal, you can clean the rust with products that contain oxalic acid. In addition, you also need to lubricate the hinges and door legs to remain flexible and not make creaking when opened or closed.

4. Rearrange Lighting

Home Improvement with these Tips

Before doing a major house renovation, first check whether your home’s lights have been a problem. How come? Poor and improper lighting can certainly make your house unsightly.

So before renovating another part of the house, just replace the lights that have been dimmed with new lights . You can even place LED lights under your favorite furniture as part of home renovations. Besides being more elegant, the lights also do not cause glare.

During the day, make sure the intensity of sunlight is enough to enter your house. So that the house is healthier, does not look dim, also maintains the level of humidity. Ensuring this also means saving money on home renovations later, you know!

5. Refresh the Kitchen Atmosphere

Home Improvement with these Tips

The kitchen is one of the vital rooms in the house, so if you want to do a renovation of the house, don’t forget to pay attention to the kitchen too. Replacing kitchen equipment that has been using is one important step in home renovation.

If necessary, install a room deodorizer with a soft fragrance to neutralize the odor from the kitchen.

Renovation of the house by beautifying the walls of the kitchen is also important. You can place several photo frames or pictures in your kitchen to arouse your appetite. In addition to your kitchen being more beautiful, you are also more comfortable and comfortable cooking.

6. Plants to Revive Your Home

One important goal of home renovation is to make the house look more alive. Often houses look bleak not because of obsolete furniture or interior design, but because of the lack of greenery. If your home problem is also like that, renovation of the house needed is the addition of plants , both in the corner of the room or on the table.

7. Clean the House Floor

A clean floor makes the house comfortable to live in. But this is not possible if the floor is dirty and the color fades, giving the impression of gloomy and dull. Home renovations that you can do to overcome this is by replacing the floor.

Before that, try to start cleaning your floor. Another alternative to renovating a house if you can have more costs is to use a wooden floor or choose a ceramic floor motif in accordance with the concept of your room, especially in the core room at home. For example the living room.

8. Keep the Home Remodeling Process Clean

Home Improvement with these Tips

Renovation of the house as good as any will not last long if the occupants are not good at keeping the house clean. Maintaining cleanliness may be the easiest compared to home renovations, but often the most neglected. So, clean the house regularly. Not only the floor and walls, but also all the furniture in the house.

Make sure there is no dust left between the furniture and other objects. Your house certainly looks beautiful, healthy, and feels comfortable for a longer period of time without the need to renovate the house in the near future!

What do you think after listening to 8 tips that are useful for home renovation? For those of you who have a limited budget for home renovations, you don’t need to be discouraged. Because you can now practice the tips above without draining your wallet.

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