How to get income from blogs up to hundreds of millions and even billions per month

I remember one of my friends used to say this: ” These bloggers write complete information, can be accessed without paying, what for? “...

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How to get income from blogs

I remember one of my friends used to say this:

” These bloggers write complete information, can be accessed without paying, what for? 

Then my other friend answered ” Maybe again not enough work, most free time “.

… Awesome blogger?

If you often search for information through Google, most of the answers must come from websites in the form of blogs.

This means that blogs are the best source of online knowledge.

But bloggers write information on the internet not because they are “out of work” …

… not because anymore unemployed,

But because they can get money from their blogs.

A blogger whose blog has been successful is able to generate more than $ 100,000 or Rp 1 billion every month.

… Great blogger?

In this guide, I will tell you how to get money from blogs and how to make your blog a business.

Part 1 – These are things that you MUST know

aka Mindset of a successful blogger.

I want to tell you how to create a blog that can earn at least hundreds of millions a month.

Not “only” millions or tens of millions.

The method is not the same, in the process and planning there are some things that you must apply.

First, here’s what I have to say:

90% of what you read in internet marketing forums and blogs is bullshit.


I’m not exaggerating.

Even when I interview  successful bloggers , they also don’t do 90% of the silly things taught on forums and blogs. Read for yourself if you don’t believe it.

Therefore, forget 90% of things that are a waste of time.

I will teach you to focus on the remaining 10%.

Let’s get started…

… Here are 8 facts you need to know:

# 1 Blogging is not the easiest way to earn money


Blogging is not instant results, it requires high patience.

Those who succeed in blogging are those who really like this world … not just because they are hooked with money.

Blogger must be consistent.

You can not immediately get income on the first day.

Maybe even after 6 months – 1 year blogging consistently then you can start earning income to support your life.

In the span of months you must consistently write and develop a blog without getting paid a dime.

Meaning like this …

If you are currently in need of fast income, DO NOT create a blog to earn money. It’s useless, a week later, I would be bored.

# 2 Getting income = getting  traffic

This is the most important point you should know.

By the way, this article that you are reading has been edited many times.

When it was first published, many protested:

He said  “This is an article about getting money, why are discussed instead the ways to develop a blog. Not how to get the money? “

Look …

Without traffic, it is impossible to get income.

Therefore, to be able to get money, then your main focus is traffic .

I don’t know where the source of income will come from, it’s up to you …

…the same.

Want to use AdSense ads, personal ads, do affiliate marketing, sell your own products, sell services / services, everything is the same.

The important thing is to have traffic first.

Therefore, what is discussed in this article are strategies for developing blogs and getting traffic.

There is no source of income that can bring in money if you are unable to bring visitors to the blog.

# 3 Therefore, don’t think about income before you have 100 visitors per day

If you are busy thinking about money, then your focus will be split between developing a blog and earning money.

Our main focus, still, is developing blogs.

If you have managed to get 100 visitors per day, then start thinking about how to get money from the blog.

Oh yeah, one more thing …

Indonesian-language blogs should be a minimum of 500 visitors per day.

This is because income from Indonesian blogs is smaller, on average only $ 0.1 per 100 visitors per day (AdSense). One thousand rupiah.

100 per day for an English-language blog.

# 4 But don’t make an English-language blog without fluent English

This should be obvious, but there are also many people who insist on creating an English blog just because they earn more.

This question is often asked by Reader’s Guide:

“I want to make an English blog but I can’t speak English, what should I do?”

The solution is easy:

Don’t make it.

(It’s okay … but just for learning)

It is true that the income of blogs in English (far) is greater than Indonesian blogs.

But much more difficult.

First, there is a language barrier.

Imagine if there were Caucasians whose Indonesian language was a mess, then he wrote articles in Indonesian.

It must be bad to read.

The name of the blog, if it’s not good to read, I guarantee you won’t be able to get many visitors. Especially money.

Second, competition in English-language blogs is tough.

Much heavier.

Therefore, make a blog in Indonesian first until it works.

After that, just try to jump into English if you are fluent in English.

# 5 SEO is important, but don’t waste time with SEO

(Who have never heard of the term SEO,  read here )

SEO techniques are important, but actually not important for bloggers.

Wow how’s that …

Here’s what I mean … SEO is a diverse science, from AZ. There are sciences in SEO that you need to know, but most don’t need to bother.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Like what the principle works
  • Why a website can enter page 1
  • The terms
  • How can our blog be ranked 1

But remember:

The determining factor for blog success is not SEO.

What determines the success of your blog is the quality of the content and the way you do marketing.

SEO is a supporting science.

Bloggers often get dizzy with this SEO business (even though it’s not important):

  1. Website Speed
  2. Shoes SEO
  3. SEO friendly template
  4. Mobile-friendly/responsif
  5. Looking for backlinks from blogwalking, social bookmarking, guestbooks, etc.

Blogs are the simplest form of website structure. Even if you don’t optimize numbers 1-4, your blog can still enter page 1.

Its influence is almost zero.

While number 5, backlinks like that have no effect at all. This is how to get the right backlink .

Okay, SEO is important …

… but much of the SEO for blogs lies in content creation and marketing. Those 2 things are the most important.

These 5 things aren’t important.

Do not believe?

Try to choose one of the biggest blogs that you know. Then check the SEO score from any checking site, it’s up to you.

Most of the scores are below average.

I take the example of Quicksprout, the biggest blog in the world that discusses SEO and online marketing:

The score is only 65.

# 6 Try to avoid using AdSense as a source of income

AdSense is the most common source of income for Indonesian bloggers.

Because it’s easy …

… just register, wait to receive, install the code on the blog. Money is bad.

Therefore AdSense is widely used by bloggers …

But there is a sad fact:

The revenue from the ad is MUCH smaller than the others.

The reason?

Earnings per click for Indonesia on AdSense averaged only $ 0.04 with an average click ratio (RTK or CTR) of under 3%.

This means that if we have 10,000 visitors a day, only 300 people click on ads. 300 people multiplied by $ 0.04 means that your income is only $ 12 a day.

10 thousand for only $ 12!


Yet if you have that many visitors and with other sources of income, your income per day can be more than a million.


If you sell digital products or promote affiliate products, say the profit per sale is $ 5 (the value I make is very low).

Out of 10 thousand people, who bought 0.5% or 50 people (this is what I reduced). That means we get $ 250 a day.

Far right?

More than 20x.

But there are exceptions:

For blogs that have a lot of topics (the term blog gado-gado) is usually the most effective ad because it will be difficult to sell products / services with more than 1 blog topic.

# 7 So, avoid gado-gado blogs. Select ONE main topic

Beginner bloggers usually like to create a “hodgepodge” blog.

This means that in one blog the topic is various. Sometimes it’s about technology, sometimes business, health, religion, sex, news, and so on.

It’s delicious to make a hodgepodge blog.


… because we can write anything we want, whatever the topic is hot.

But there is a big weakness.

Developing a hodgepodge blog to become a big blog is VERY difficult.

It costs a lot, takes a lot of resources (writers), requires high marketing skills.

Here’s the reason:

  1. It’s hard to get loyal readers who want to follow lots of topics
  2. Gado-Gado blogs are very rarely recommended to others
  3. It’s hard to get high rankings in search engines
  4. Must have a lot of content to be successful

Because the topic is too diverse, no one is loyal.

Compared to blogs that focus on one topic, it’s very difficult to be successful with hodgepodge.

The only exception is creating websites on many topics only if you create news portal sites (such as Kompas, Liputan6) or viral content (such as Hipwee, BuzzFeed).

But remember, websites like that cost a lot of money.\

Viral news websites and content websites DO NOT include blogs. When we talk about blogs, I don’t mean websites like that.

# 8 Avoid publishing too much blog content if you can’t

How often should new blogs publish content?

1 article a day? 2 articles a day? or 10 articles a day?

… depends on the type of your blog.

But usually once a day is already mostly, especially if you are only a writer alone. Tired to get tired first before success.

Theoretically, it is true that blogs that publish many articles will be faster.

… because more articles, more appear on search engines, more who share, ultimately more visitors.

But the reality is not that easy.

For new bloggers, it’s not easy to create lots of quality content in a short amount of time. If you publish a lot of content, the quality will decrease.

Here are 3 examples of blogs in the business & marketing category:

  • Management Strategy – 1 writer, 2 content per week, ~ 1000 words
  • Maxmanroe – many authors, 6 content per day, ~ 700 words
  • IM Guide – 1 author, 1 content per month, ~ 3000 words
  • StartupBisnis – many writers, 2 content per day, ~ 600 words

Maxmanroe and StartupBisnis have many writers, that’s why they can publish many quality articles in a day. Whereas the Management Strategy and IM Guidelines are only managed by 1 person, so the frequency is lower.

Although different, but everything can work.

In conclusion, frequency does not affect success.

Quality is what determines.

Tip: publish 1-3 content per week for new blogs so that your writing skills improve, after a few weeks adjust the frequency and improve its quality.

Part II – Steps to create a blog that can generate hundreds of millions of Rupiah

According to the title of this article, we will create a blog that is worth hundreds of millions to billions of Rupiah per month.

Not only 1-10 million.

There is a big difference in both.

Blogs are the same as business. 

Not all businesses have the potential to generate more than hundreds of millions. Depending on the type of business, how to manage, and how to develop.

Here are the steps you have to do:

1. Choose the topic that is right for you, this is the way

No matter how hard your efforts are, if the topic is wrong then your blog will never succeed.


That’s why the topic selection stage is the most important.

Your blog’s topic should be a combination of:

  • Something that is your expertise / interest
  • Something that is of great interest and value to many people

Why does it have to be according to interests?

Look …

You will create content on the blog.

The content that you create must be an interesting reading or useful for others.

If not, why are you tired of reading. Yes, right?

Imagine. If you are not an expert or not interested in the topic, what can make the content interesting for people who are interested in the topic?

That’s why the topic you choose must be interesting for yourself.

To test your interests / abilities, try answering this question:

  1. Are you able to read a 250 page book on this topic?
  2. Do you feel you can write 100 articles on the topic? Try now to think of 30 article titles in that topic
  3. Do you feel more qualified than someone who is really public?
  4. Do you know the biggest problems and expectations of people related to the topic?
  5. Can you make content that is equivalent or better than the most popular websites on the topic?

If you answer YES to these 5 topics, I am 100% sure that your blog will definitely be successful.

1.5. Blog installation (with WordPress)

In short, this section is specifically for those of you who don’t have a blog. If you already have, continue to step 2.

The process is not difficult, very easy …

But it will be long if mixed here.

2. Find a gathering place for those who are enthusiastic about the topic

This is the most important step in the process of making a blog.

The process is like this:

  1. Find the right online community site
  2. Build a reputation in the community
  3. Introduce your blog there

These three steps are often missed. Usually because of laziness, shame, or just want to depend on Google to bring traffic.

If you are like that, it will be very long until the blog becomes successful.

Then how do you find the community?

  • Search Google on keywords: “forum [topic]”
  • Search on Facebook with the keyword: “groups about [topic]”

These communities will greatly assist the development of your blog, especially in the first 6 months, before ranking on Google is stable.

To illustrate:’s traffic in the first 3 months mostly came from community sites (Social and Referral).

Before bringing traffic, community sites can also be used in the content creation process. Described in the next step.

3. Find the biggest problem in the topic you choose

There are 2 content themes that are most commonly used in blogging:

  • Guide
  • Information

Both of these themes aim to solve readers’ problems.

So if you want to successfully lure visitors to your blog, the content provided must be able to solve their problems.

This is based on my experience:

For new blogs, the fastest way to succeed is to provide content in the form of solutions to the biggest problems on the topic.

Biggest problem .

This is always the main problem for people who are new to the main topic of your blog.

For example:

If I make a blog about the world of work.

One of the biggest problems with the topic is “how to get a job”. Right?

So when the blog is new, use the problem as a content topic.

I also did this method when I created this GuideIM blog.

4. Create the best content that solves the biggest problems


If you can’t do this, don’t expect to create a blog that is worth hundreds of millions of Rupiah.

Think about it:

If in a topic there is already an article whose quality is quite good. Then you create articles with lower quality.

Can it be more successful than the first one?

No way!

So every content that you create must be the best than the others.

Do you still remember saying that you shouldn’t publish content too often?

That is the reason.

It is better to focus on making 1 piece of content of the highest quality, rather than creating 10 mediocre content. Because mediocre content will not be popular, no matter how many.

High quality content takes longer to make.

In GuideIM, 1 content (article) usually takes at least 3 days.

… so you won’t be able to create quality content every day.

Read this guide if you want to learn the KTP Method for creating quality content .

5. Promote your best content to get a blast of visitors

I am often asked by readers:

“I already have a lot of content on the blog, why don’t I have many visitors? How come it hasn’t been ranked 1 on Google yet? “

Then I asked back:

“Has the content been promoted?”

Usually the answer is not yet …

… yes naturally if it’s still quiet, how can other people suddenly magically meet with your content if you don’t tell them?

This is what distinguishes successful bloggers from those who fail.

Those who are successful are actively promoting their best content.

While those who fail are just waiting for ranking on Google.

No matter how good the content will never be popular if it is not promoted. Do not also expect to get rank 1 on Google if you do not try to promote content.

This screenshot graphic after promotion of content:

If you pay attention, in the beginning the traffic was stagnant, it did not develop.

But since there are 2 content that went viral through promotion, the traffic has grown over time.

That is why content promotion is very important for blog development.

Here are 2 guidelines that you can read about promotions:

  • 13 Techniques for promoting content without charge
  • Case study: Increase traffic by 419.16%

6. Build reputation, credibility, and relationships with potential readers

Remember when you used Google Search to find information.

There are 2 types of websites:

First, the ‘normal’ website:

Whether because the content is not good, the design is not attractive, or because the owner does not invite us to interact. After reading, we never remember again with this blog.

Second, ‘special’ websites:

A website that is different from other websites is better. When finished reading, it feels like to save / bookmark the page, like / follow the account, then subscribe to the blog.

The second type of website that will succeed.

If you want to create a second type of blog, do this:

  1. Actively contributing to the right community
  2. Invite readers like / follow your social account
  3. Do list building
  4. Talk with your readers

This is 10% of the things most bloggers don’t do (as I explained earlier).

Though all four are the key to blog success.

Beginner bloggers usually prefer to spend time fiddling with the appearance, plugins, speed, and some SEO matters that are less important.

Important things such as creating quality content and promoting it are ignored.

Part III – Determine the source of blog revenue

This is actually not important for me to explain …

… you will find out later.

But because I was “mugged” by my readers to explain some of the sources of blog income, then I describe it here.

Before we continue, remember:

Whatever income you use is not important. The important thing is the traffic / visitors because without visitors there is no income.

So, my advice, don’t worry here.

The following are 4 types of blog revenue sources sorted from the highest potential profit to the lowest.

1. Make a product

Products are the best choice for making money from blogs. This is because the profits are 100% yours, not shared with other parties.

There are 2 types of products that you can make:

Digital and physical.

Digital products means products that are in your computer without physical form.

Here are some examples of digital products:

  1. Ebook
  2. Video tutorial
  3. eCourse, online course
  4. Webinar (Web seminar)
  5. Membership is paid
  6. Photos and audio
  7. Apps, templates, plugins
  8. SaaS (Software as a Service)
  9. Website (buying and selling websites)

Some examples such as ebooks, videos, ecourse, very easy manufacturing process.

Almost the same as making ordinary content, it’s just in another form.

If you are interested in making digital products, follow this online business guide .

And here is an example of a physical product:

  1. Book
  2. DVD
  3. Courses / classes
  4. Creative product
  5. Manufacturing products
  6. Merchandise

As a blogger, you should have a long-term plan to make products …

… whether it’s physical or digital.

Because if you only rely on advertising, your blog income so small.

Blogs are an excellent place to promote products, especially if you already have loyal readers. They will faithfully buy products from you.

Oh yes, the products sold must be in the same category as the blog.

2. Affiliate program (Affiliate program)

There are also people who don’t want to make their own products.

The reason is because of the hassle of the manufacturing process, taking care of payments, and taking care of its customer service.

Therefore, being an affiliate marketer can be a good alternative.

The process is like this:

You choose an affiliate product to sell. Then you promote the product. When there are visitors who buy from you, then you will get a commission.

So we get a percentage of the price of the product.

There are 2 ways you can start promoting affiliate products. First, by joining the Affiliate Network. Second, by searching directly for existing individual affiliate programs.

Here are some examples of popular affiliate networks:

  1. Amazon – physical product
  2. Clickbank – digital products
  3. ShareASale – various products and services
  4. CJ – various products and services
  5. Rakuten Linkshare – various products and services
  6. WarriorPlus, JVZoo – internet marketing product
  7. Envato – a product for web developers and graphic design

Read this article if you want to use a blog to promote affiliate products .

In addition to the affiliate program, you can also try CPA Marketing .

3. Services or services

It can also sell services that match the main topic of your blog.

For example you have a blog about business management, then you can make business management training or business management consulting services.

Here are some examples of sales of services that can be done through blogs:

  1. Web developer
  2. App developer
  3. Graphic design
  4. Social media manager
  5. Speaker
  6. Coach / tutor
  7. Author

In general, service prices are higher than product prices.

Even so, that does not mean services are always better. The reason is because to sell services, the time we spend is higher than the product.

But this depends again on your own desires.

4. Advertising publishers

The ad that I mean here is not just AdSense and other ad networks, there are many other types of ads that you can use.

Here are some types of ads:

  1. Pay per Post, paid for each article you write
  2. Text links, advertisements in the form of links
  3. Job vacancy
  4. Sponsorship
  5. Ad Network (AdSense)

Not that AdSense is not good …

… but the income ratio from advertising is MUCH smaller than if you sell your own products or services.

So the hard work you have done is not an optimal income.

Even so, there are conditions where AdSense is the only choice:

First, if there are no products / services that can be sold related to your blog. For example a blog that contains entertainment content or a blog with many topics.

So there are no products that can be sold.

Another case, if you have more than 1 blog so you do not have time to make many products let alone sell services for each blog.

In these two conditions advertising is the only choice.

Now, it’s your turn…

Being a blogger is a noble job.

We provide valuable information to others … for free. We help many people to solve problems by providing solutions.

And while doing positive things like that, we get income.

But unfortunately there are 2 things:

First, there is still a lot of misinformation about blogs.

Many blogging guidelines in Indonesia are wrong, out of date, and trapping for novice bloggers.

So many bloggers misunderstand and fail.

Second, many bloggers like to harm others.

… whether intentional or not.

For example, by writing content that the information in it is not credible. Imagine if there were health articles written carelessly, this could be dangerous for others.

Therefore, make a blog the right way.

Create quality content, make sure the contents are useful to others, then promote them ethically.

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