Enhance WordPress website positioning with AMP

Since early 2015, Google has begun to slowly change Google or SERP search results to mobile-friendliness. Yes , now Google is more “trusting” the SERP...

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Improve WordPress SEO with AMP

Since early 2015, Google has begun to slowly change Google or SERP search results to mobile-friendliness. Yes , now Google is more “trusting” the SERP results of a website by having a mobile display that makes it easy for visitors. Google’s theory is indeed supported by accurate data. In the world, mobile users have reached 67% more internet users, so more than half of people open the internet from their smartphones .

Then, what is the relationship between mobile-friendliness with search engine optimization (SEO)? In 2016, Google did not abandon its users when they updated to mobile-friendliness. Google issues an Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP). The goal is that when a website is opened via a mobile device , the access will be faster and easier to see.

What is the function of AMP?

A basic example of AMP is when you open a Google page to search for specific keywords . In the Google search results, you will find YouTube videos, images, and also articles related to the search you are referring to. Try to imagine in a single search, you can already see 3 different results. This is what is meant by AMP, users can more easily access something, coupled with very fast loading .

One of the disadvantages of AMP is that you cannot just add HTML scripts. This is because Google will filter out any website that is very friendly with AMP, so Google doesn’t need to reload it into the website server .

Another function of AMP that really helps a website to achieve SEO targets is that images that load will be faster. Google really likes images that are informative and also don’t have excess weight. Therefore, AMP allows images to open or load when the user scrolls. So, this will make it faster than before.

Improve WordPress SEO with AMP

There are only two ways to improve WordPress SEO with AMP. First, you must do the coding from 0 so that the mobile version can be connected with AMP. Meanwhile, the second way is to install several plugins. The most reasonable way for you is to install plugins, what are they?

AMP for WordPress

One of the most favorite plugins on WordPress for beginners is AMP for WordPress. Here you will see some very interesting features that will make it easier for those of you who are lay in the mobile world Besides being able to turn a website into a mobile friendly, with these plugins you can also see the performance of your website .

Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP

For those of you who have grappled with SEO for a long time, you certainly remember Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP . These are the best plugins for everything related to SEO. The advantage for you who integrate Yoast SEO with AMP is that you can immediately make AMP websites become more SEO Friendly.

Those are some things that you must know and do about AMP. Once again, for those of you who are still unsure of AMP, try to check the analytic data of what percentage of mobile visitors compared to desktop.

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