Key phrase Stuffing Is Not a Good Factor for Your search engine optimization

There is a thing that you encounter very often in the world of SEO which is a big mistake but is not...

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Keyword Stuffing Is Not a Good Thing for Your SEO

There is a thing that you encounter very often in the world of SEO which is a big mistake but is not really a concern. That is Keyword stuffing. This is something that will harm your website , one of the impacts is a penalty from Google that will damage the ranking of your website . Therefore, let us know what keyword stuffing is so that we can avoid this error going forward.

What is Keyword Stuffing?

Keyword stuffing is an activity that aims to manipulate the ranking of search results pages. The trick is to over-target keywords in an unnatural way.

You can see this with the naked eye, if you read content that does keyword stuffing , you will feel the quality of the content is very low, hard to read, and has convoluted sentences. Content like this will be considered as spam by Google.

Lots of people who practice this SEO blackhat technique, whether consciously or unconsciously. In putting keywords into content there will be restrictions that you must follow, if excessive, of course it will only be a problem for you.

It would be better if you only enter keywords as much as 10% of the total number of words from your content, if there are 500 words, then you only need to enter 5 keywords . You can also use various plugins that are available for you.

Search engine optimization must be natural, don’t use instant SEO practices. Take advantage of your understanding and experience, and do not use instant methods which are certainly not good for you. Clean techniques will help your website last longer in search results ranking.

How to Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Latent Semantic Indexing

One way to avoid keyword stuffing is to use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). LSI itself is a mathematical method that can be used to determine a relationship between terms and concepts in content. LSI will give you suggestions for phrases that are similar or synonymous with your target keywords , so you will be able to avoid keyword stuffing .

LSI is not a short and easy way to get ranked in search results, but a way that you can use to improve the quality of your content. The application of LSI is a very positive thing. Which will help the website content to be relevant for visitors.

You can use tools like ubersuggest to find LSI for your target keywords .

Content for Humans

Another way is to create content with the main focus of the reader. That way you will be able to write content that is comfortable for them to read. Content created for the machine will look very, very uncomfortable to read.

You will be more careful in putting keywords in your content and make your content easier to read.

Focus With Content

Keyword is indeed important in SEO, but it’s time we try to focus on something else, namely content. Optimasi SEO friendly content today is content that is relevant to what search engine users want to search for. The more information they get to answer what they want to find, the higher the chance of your content to appear on the top pages of search engines.

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