Seo Consultants Training with Lalitkumar net Free How to Seo Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one way of optimizing a website for google search specifically on page one. This optimization can work to...

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Seo Consultants Training with Lalitkumar net Free How to Seo Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one way of optimizing a website for google search specifically on page one. This optimization can work to increase sales or to increase traffic depending on our goal to build the web.

Seo Consultants Training with Lalitkumar net Free How to Seo Business

WHAT IS SEO / Search Engine Optimization

Understanding SEO comes from the abbreviation he said, namely Search Engine Optimization (optimization in search engines) means the process of optimizing your website and content so that it appears in the search engine like Google

SEO is meant to get your web first in search results. Thus having the opportunity to gain more stable potential traffic for free

If your final object is to popularize your website or make products / services more known, these tips need to be understood.

If you are curious about how SEO works, here’s the picture. Search engines like Google will scan websites, look for designs and content elements to support them to determine what exactly is the main topic of your website.

For example, Google found that your business website is a matter of a Digital Marketing Consultant. For example if someone types in “Digital Marketing Services” then this website will appear as one of the search results.

Well, the word “Digital Marketing Services” is a keyword that is the object of SEO. With the right keywords according to the product or service that you offer, people will be more easy to get your business website.

In today’s digital age, 85% of potential customers always “ask” google before buying a product or using a specific service / service.


In general, SEO steps can make your website listed against the start page in Google search results. People who are tracking something through Google are generally only interested in search results that are on the start page.

In fact, according to, around 60% of clicks occur on the start page of Google search results.

When implementing SEO techniques, you are aiming for a conversion. This is the meaning for positive changes implemented by website visitors after you apply the SEO method.

If you apply SEO techniques correctly, these are the strengths of SEO that you can get:

  • Bring Potential Traffic

    As mentioned at the beginning that a well-optimized web page from SEO can also rank well in search engines like Google. The better the position of your web page on Google, the chance to get potential visitors (traffic) can be even greater . These potential visitors will later become potential customers of your business.
  • Cost-Effective Promotion
    SEO implementation can run within a period of 6 months to one year. If our website is already on the initial page, just do maintenance, thus saving your promotional costs. Heavy at first but the effect is long term
  • Long-term Investment
    Website that has been optimized by the SEO method will be on the first page of Google for quite a long time without additional advertising costs
  • Increase Brand Awareness of Your Business
    Brand Awareness is the awareness of potential customers to recognize and remember a brand. The more famous a brand is to a specific niche, the more likely the intensity of sales will be greater. When internet users search for information related to your niche through Google and get useful info on your website, chances are they will remember the website pages that add valuable information, namely your website.

The more people who connect your website from search engines, your business brand will automatically become famous, at least among internet users.

Why You Should Take an SEO Marketing Camp Course?

  • Learning must be followed for the owner / manager of the website.

    Learn basic SEO until you can find experts here. Whatever the theme of your website, your website optimization capability is a must have if your website wants to be able to appear on page 1 of Google according to your expectations. Even though your website is graphically good, but if the website has no visitors and does not have targeted keywords that match your wishes, then it is just useless. The web is only observed by yourself. When you can run your own optimization for your website, then you don’t need to look for the cost of a SEO service company that is quite expensive.
  • SEO courses to open SEO services
    The online business world is growing. Every day people make a web, but to make an optimal web, can go up on page 1 search engines and can bring targeted visitors is not easy. It takes the power of a website manager or website owner in terms of SEO so that the website can be optimized. Many website owners are busy and no time to manage SEO website. In fact there are many among web / blog owners who do not understand SEO problems. Therefore, if you are able to master SEO techniques, then you have a great opportunity to be able to open SEO tools to meet the needs of SEO services that are increasingly increasing.

Learn SEO for beginners

In the past, at the beginning of blogging, we didn’t pay attention to SEO. Understandably, not yet aware :). So, just write it. The result, actually many posts but who read a handful of people.

And that’s the results of blogwalking here and there. Eventually, curiosity arises with search engines, especially Google. How the hell do we get our writings on the blog can be seen on the first page of Google search results. That way, many people can {visit | visit and read our writing.

The desire to study SEO is increasing along with the beginning we entered into an online business or internet marketer. As a beginner, Google is definitely a mainstay. It took a while and counted the extra energy to collect the pieces of info we got.

Fortunately, today there is, which will help you gather the pieces of info we mean and make it a SEO study that is suitable for beginners.

What is the need to register there? SEO can be assumed as a wilderness that can lead to being lost, if you don’t have maps, GPS, or people who know the ins and outs.

This training will guide you through the SEO wilderness and not only that, there are many other bonuses that you can get.

Simple Stages of Learning SEO

After understanding the understanding and discussing why learning it is so important for your business. Of course now you have a sense of interest to start an SEO course.

But you may still be confused about where to start. In this section we will discuss the steps that you must take to learn them.

Basic SEO Concepts

In this section you will study some of the insights needed to be related to zodiac. this must be known because it is able to influence the results that you will get

Keyword Research

Selection of keywords is the most necessary thing in implementing SEO. In this section you will study more carefully step by step to choose the right keywords.

SEO On Page

What is SEO On Page? Why do you have to know? How SEO On Page can increase your web ranking in the eyes of Google. We can discuss all of the following about this section.

SEO Off Page

Get to know Off Page SEO. In this section you will learn how to optimize a website without having to touch the website itself. And with this technique you can achieve the rank you want

Content Marketing

The emergence of content marketing opens a new era in the world of SEO. By combining SEO and content marketing, you will get multiplied results.

Link Building

Link building has its own art. Working without a clear mold can be a negative thing. You need to know exactly what you can do and what not to do with link building.

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