The Scary Result of a Hacker Accessing your Personal Records

Kaspersky Lab researchers found that malicious hackers can sell someone’s complete digital life for less than US $ 50 or Rp 700 thousand on the dark web .

David Jacoby, Senior Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab, said data hacking is a big threat to us all. This applies both to individuals and to society, because stolen data can fund many social crimes.

“Fortunately there are steps that can be taken to prevent this, including by using cyber security software, especially considering the amount of data that is shared free of charge, especially on social media profiles that are publicly available or for organizations,” Jacoby said in his statement on Friday ( 11/9/2018).

The most common way to steal this kind of data is through phishing spears or by exploiting security vulnerabilities in application software.

After a successful attack, the hacker will get a data set containing a combination of e-mail and password for the hacked service.

With many people installing the same password for multiple accounts, it is also possible for perpetrators to use this information in an effort to access accounts on other platforms .

Interestingly, some data sellers provide lifetime buyers with guarantees. If one account stops functioning, the buyer will receive a new account for free.

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